Tannery and Sustainability

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our working practices are based upon craftsmanship

Each phase of the tanning process, from the choice of raw materials to the finished products is carried out skilfully, based upon many years of acquired experience. Expert buyers choose all the hides by hand, as it is here that the most delicate phase of the tanning process begins. Thus, production is based upon passion and professionalism. Production is situated in the tanning districts of Arzignano and Santa Croce sull’Arno, which are recognised for the excellent quality of their Italian leather. The designs of the products developed by the company are constantly  improving thanks to continuous research and innovation. The development of samples, supplied on-demand, has acted a stimulus for constantly updating our product range. Every season we present new products based upon current industry trends and our own creative ideas.


Rigato Romano has always paid particular attention to the environment, and respects environmental standards by selecting its business partners according to rigid criteria. Our production is guaranteed to safeguard all the environmental aspects of the territory in which we operate, such as emissions into the atmosphere, discharges into the water and the processing of waste.    

environmental certification

Production is equipped with an Environmental Management system developed according to ISO 14001 regulations, which allows the company to monitor the tanning processes and its final products, and enables it to undertake systematic action dedicated to preserving the environment.

pannello solare

energy supply

The energy supply uses renewable energy sources in the form of electro-solar panels which allows for the efficient partial generation of the firm’s energy requirement. It is the intention to make the company autonomous in terms of energy consumption in the future.

quality cerfication

Production at Rigato Romano Srl is UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 certified for the processing of leather from the wetblue stage to the finished products. Our partner has an integrated Quality and Environmental Policy.


compliance with REACH regulations

Close attention is paid to sustainability, as it is a fundamental value upon which the company makes its operational decisions, and it therefore abides by the European REACH regulations. Chemical analyses of the substances used are carried out by an independent agency which provides evidence of compliance with the regulations.


The ethical code is a charter of rights and duties through which the company clarifies its own ethical and social responsibilities both within the business and towards the external environment. It is an effective method of preventing irresponsible or illicit behaviour by parties operating in the name of, or on behalf of the company, because it presents a clear and explicit definition of the ethical and social responsibilities of its directors, managers  and employees, and often provides a comparison for its suppliers and customers.